Enjoy a hot chocolate or buy a s’mores roasting kit to toast over the open fire pit! Roper Mountain Holiday Lights has many treats provided by FunnelDelicious to make your family holiday visit even more enjoyable!

Funnel Cake $4
Fried oreos $4
Fried snickers $4
Loaded nachos $4
All beef hot dog $3
Mozzerella sticks $4
Chicken tenders $4.50
Popcorn $3
Smores roasting kit $3
Smore (ready to eat) $2
Marshmallow stick $1.50
Cotton candy $3
Sliced caramel apples $3.75
Pepsi drinks $1.50
Bottled water $1.50
Small hot drinks $1.50
Large hot drinks $2.50
(hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, mocha)